What kind of time management skills are needed for a food service job?

Time management is a fundamental skill that any professional must develop, especially in the restaurant industry, where punctuality is closely related to the excellent quality of service. Research shows that restaurants that focus on punctuality by addressing it in pre-shift meetings offer a better overall experience for diners. And when all departments maximize their time, the entire restaurant works properly. If you want to become a successful chef in a fast-paced professional kitchen, honing time management skills is a must.

The British Columbia Chefs Articulation Committee works in the catering industry under an international Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license, except where otherwise stated. To learn more about what it takes to become a culinary professional or a leader in the food business, request more information about Escoffier's degree and diploma programs today. Students at the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts have the opportunity to explore how to prepare and deliver meals in a timely manner while working in a fast-paced environment. If the workers you supervise are able to manage their personal lives more easily and with less stress, they will be able to cope with more stress at work. Pay attention to what your guests say to you verbally and through body language to improve your speed of service.

By cutting vegetables into cubes, measuring ingredients and preparing components, such as sauces, in advance, you can create organized workstations that are ready to shine when the service begins. Not only can the classroom environment help you explore leadership skills, but an internship in culinary or pastry arts can offer you the opportunity to gain experience working in a professional kitchen, so that you can practice your time management skills in a business environment. When you manage to interrupt the thought several times, start interrupting it with a stop spoken in a normal voice. If anything happens that causes a delay in service, report this interruption to the service staff so that they can calm customers down while they wait for the dish.

The importance and need for efficiency are universal, so any restaurant's employees could benefit from a refresher on time management. Show me a manager or operator who spends the day constantly putting out fires instead of constantly training his crew, and I'll show you a unit with low sales and high turnover.